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New Sinus Operation Article
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Some of our most highly read articles in this newsletter have been about sinusitis, so
there is a lot of it going around out there.  Below is a link to an AP article describing a
new sinus operation.  (Many thanks to Naomi Langdon for pointing out this article).  This
was also mentioned on the ABC nightly news about a month ago.  It’s an operation
similar to angioplasty in which a small balloon is inserted into blocked or clogged sinus
passages, then inflated and later deflated and withdrawn.  According to the report on
ABC news, the passages remain open because there are small, malleable bones in
these areas, and they are actually moved by the balloon when inflated.  The studies
referred to in the article will be interesting reading when they are completed.  The news
broadcast also had clips of an interview with a woman who had the operation and she
claims to have had excellent results thus far.  

Having had two operations myself as described in previous newsletter articles, I’m not a
fan of them.  For the most part traditional sinus operations don’t work, or at least not for
very long, in my opinion.  According to ABC news, there is little pain for the patient as
well.  My two operations were exceptionally painful, so this may offer a good solution.

I would still recommend trying nasal irrigation before undergoing any sinus operation
procedure, however.  
Here’s the article I wrote on that subject a number of months ago.

Here’s a link to the AP article entitled:
 “Balloon fix could mean end to sinus misery”.

For people with sinusitis and sinus infection problems, there is a new web site which is an
information resource.  Please check it out at
Post Nasal Drip.  This site also has an
impressive index of articles, find it at
Post Nasal Drip Articles.

I hope this resource helps those suffering from sinusitis.  If you have comments that
might help others, please post them on the
Beaux Voyages blog.