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Moncassin is already composing- 08/12/05
Tour du Benelux- Final Victory for Julich- 08/10/05
Tour du Benelux- Success for Van Dijk- 08/09/05
Tour of Denmark- Final Victory for Basso- 08/08/05
Tour de Benelux- Ballan in the confusion- 08/07/05
Tour of Denmark- Basso assures again- 08/07/05
Tour du Benelux- Allan Davis in shape- 08/06/05
Tour of Denmark- Grillo for the 4th stage- 0806/05
Tour of Denmark- Basso again and again- 08/05/05
Tour de Benelux- 1st stage for Van Heeswijk- 08/04/05
Tour of Denmark- Basso escapes- 08/03/05
Zabel leaves T-Mobile 07/31/05

Moncassin is already composing- 08/12/05
(Article about the French team at the World Championship in Madrid)

With a little bit more than a month to go before the World Championships in Madrid (Sept.
25th), Frédéric Moncassin, who will chose the national team, is already preparing the group
that will be assembled, according to an article in L’Equipe on Friday, August 12.

On the Spanish route, the ten top nations in the Pro Tour will have the right to send nine riders
to the race rather than 12 as in previous years.  The Madrid circuit will favor the sprinters, and
it’s with that view in mind that Moncassin will build his group.

Jean-Patrick Nazon (Ag2r) would thus be the team leader in the tricolor (French) delegation.  
In a team put together with offensive riders in mind, there could also be Jérôme Pineau
(Bouygues Telecom), Christophe Le Mével (Crédit Agricole) or perhaps Anthony Geslin
(Bouygues Telecom).  Carlos Da Cruz (Française des Jeux) and Sylvain Chavanel (Cofidis)
might also be part of the adventure.

The names of other potential teammates are circulating, including Sandy Casar, Samuel
Dumoulin, Thomas Voeckler, Pierrick Fédrigo, Cédric Vasseur, Nicolas Jalabert and Laurent

Frédéric Moncassin et Patrick Cluzaud, the national technical director, are planning to
communicate a first selection after the Grand Prix of Western-France in Plouay on August 28th.

Tour du Benelux- Final Victory for Julich- 08/10/05

While he wasn’t even among the top ten riders going into the sixth and final stage of the Tour
du Benelux, the American Bobby Julich (CSC) in the end won the first edition of this event by
dominating the individual time trial final stage, raced Wednesday over 26.3 km around e’Etten-

Bobby Julich finished the loop in 31 minutes and 14 seconds, winning by 37 seconds over the
second place finisher, the Belgian Leif Hoste (Discovery Channel), who ended up third in the
general classification, and 45 seconds ahead of the Dutchman Erik Dekker (Rabobank), who
finished second in the general.  The leader prior to the time trial, the Belgian Rik Verbugghe
(Quick Step) finally fell into sixth place overall.

The top Frenchman after the six stages was Benoit Poilvet (Credit Agricole), in 25th place, 6’
08” behind Julich.  Thanks to this success, the American climbed up to fourth in the Pro Tour
classification, still dominated by the Italian Danilo Di Luca (Liquigas).

Tour du Benelux- Success for Van Dijk- 08/09/05

Stefan Van Dijk ( won the 6th and next to last stage of the Tour du Benelux
in a sprint, which took place Tuesday over 196 km between Saint-Trond and Hoogstraten, in

The Belgian Rik Verbrugghe (Quick Step) kept the lead on the general classification on the
eve of the ultimate stage, an individual time trial of 26.3 km at Etten-Leur in Holland which
should be decisive.  Van Dijk beat out his countryman Max Van Heeswijk in a mass sprint, thus
depriving him of a third stage victory, and he also outdistanced the Italian Simone Cadamuro
and the Belgian Tom Steels

At the 20th kilometer, 19 riders escaped from the peleton including the Belgian Nick Nuyens,
teammate of Verbrugghe, who had the virtual red leader’s jersey for a short time.  He then fell
back, abandoning a group of 15 men at the head of the race.  Under pressure from the
sprinters’ teams the gap quickly melted, with the peleton swallowing the escape riders with
25km to the finish.

Carried by the Davitamon team, the Belgian Tom Steels sprinted early, but the former
champion of Belgium faded and had to be content with fourth place.

As for Rik Verbrugghe, he kept the leader’s jersey, he saw his lead in the general classification
diminish because of bonus seconds won by the Dutchman Erik Dekker and above all the
Australian Allan Davis, who is in second place just a handful of seconds behind the leader.

Tour of Denmark- Final Victory for Basso- 08/08/05

The Italian Ivan Basso (CSC), victorious in four of the six stages including the individual time
trial on Sunday, won the Tour of Denmark after the 6th and final stage, 165 km between
Slagelse and Frederiksberg, won by the German Andre Griepel.

Tour de Benelux- Ballan in the confusion- 08/07/05

The Italian Alessandro Ballan (Lampre) won the 4th stage in a sprint on Sunday, raced over
232 km between Landgraaf and Verviers.  The Belgian Rik Verbrugghe (Quick Step), 2nd in
the stage, kept the red leader’s jersey with the help of bonus points after the longest stage of
the event.  He leads the Australian Davis by six seconds.

Ballan won the sprint side by side with Verbrugghe, 2nd, another Belgian Leif Hoste, 3rd, and
the Australian Allan Davis, 4th.  During the stage the peleton took a wrong road which lead to
the organizers stopping the race escape group for several minutes.

An unusual occurrence occurred during this stage: the decision by the commissioners of the
UCI to stop the race with 42.7km to the finish in order to allow the peleton, which had taken a
wrong turn, to catch up to the escapees, who had taken the correct route.

The escape group refused to stop and it took a police motorcycle to make them do so.  The
race then started again with the lead of the escape group reduced by 4 minutes.  The sporting
director of the Discovery Channel team, Dirk Demol,  who had the rider Jason McCartney in
the group, violently criticized the decision of the UCI, saying that the affaire was “a sorry story
for the sport of cycling”.

Tour of Denmark- Basso assures again- 08/07/05

The Italian Ivan Basso (CSC) on Sunday won the fifth and next to last stage in the Tour of
Denmark, an individual time trial of 13.8 km raced over a circuit in Nyborg.  Already the winner
of three stages, Basso kept the leader’s yellow jersey.

Tour du Benelux- Allan Davis in shape- 08/06/05

The Australian Allan Davis (Liberty Seguros) treated himself to the 3rd stage in the Tour du
Benelux which took place between Beed and Landgraaf over 206.3 km in 4h54'30.  In the
overall classification it’s the Belgian Rik Verbrugghe (Quick Step) who retook the lead..

Davis came in ahead of the Dutchman Erik Dekker (Rabobank) and the Italian Daniele Bennati
(Lampre - Caffita).  As for Verbrugghe, he took the red leader’s jersey from the Dutchman Max
Van Heeswijk (Discovery Channel), which he had already worn after his success Wednesday
in the prologue.

On the attack all day long, the Australian made a decisive move with 3 km to the finish, and he
held on to a five second lead over the first peleton in which the sprint was won by the
Dutchman Erik Dekker, 2nd, in front of  the Italian Daniele Benati, 3rd.

“I gave everything for the win.  It’s a really nice victory”, declared Davis, who took his fifth
victory of the season.  Very early in the race, the Australian escaped with 12 other riders, and
they built up a lead of 2’30” in front of the peleton with 134 km to the finish.  After the summit
of the Cauberg at Vaukenburg, the group extended its lead to 6’30” with 100 km to the line.

Then with 36 km to the finish, five men, Davis, Hoste, Blaudzun, Moerenhout et Scheirlinckx,
tried to get away from the rest of the group.  Scheirlinckx was unlucky and had a flat tire, but
the four others were finally joined several kilometers farther along.  While the rain was coming
down on the Landgraaf, Allan Davis took off with 3 km to the finish line in a final attack to come
in first over the line.

Sunday, the 4th stage, 232 km between Landgraaf and Verviers, is the queen stage of the
event with nine climbs.

Tour of Denmark- Grillo for the 4th stage- 0806/05

The Italian Paride Grillo (Panaria) won the 4th stage of the Tour of Denmark on Saturday in a
sprint finish.  The stage took place between Assens and Odense over 90 km in 1h56’15”.  The
winner of the first three stages, Ivan Basso, kept the yellow jersey of the leader.

Tour of Denmark- Basso again and again- 08/05/05

Three stages and three victories for Ivan Basso.  The runner-up to Lance Armstrong in the
Tour de France stands by himself in the tour of Denmark.  The Italian from the CSC team won
the third stage victory all alone in the front.  That race on Friday was over 185 km between
Aarhus and Vejle, and Basso beat the Australian Rory Sutherland by over a minute.  He wears
the leader’s yellow jersey and holds a 1’45” advantage in the overall classification over
Danielo Nardello.

Tour de Benelux- 1st stage for Van Heeswijk- 08/04/05

The Dutchman Max van Heeswijk (Discovery Channel) won the first stage Thursday in the
Tour de Benelux in a sprint.  The race took place between Geel and Mierlo in Holland over 189
km  in a time of 4h26’51”.

He finished ahead of the Italian Marco Zanotti (Liquigas) and the Dutchman Steven de Johgh
(Rabobank).  Erik Zabel finished fifth.

Tour of Denmark- Basso escapes- 08/03/05

With his momentum from the Tour de France, Ivan Basso (CSC), on Wednesday won the first
stage of the Tour of Denmark, raced around Skive over 208.5 km.  The Italian beat the
German Andre Greipel and the Norwegian Kurt-Asle Arvesen by 9 seconds.

Zabel leaves T-Mobile 07/31/05

The German Erik Zabel announced on Sunday in Hamburg that he is leaving the T-Mobile
team on which he raced for 13 years.  The announcement came at the start of the 10th
Cyclassics, the 18th event of the Pro Tour.  Zabel did not indicate which team he will join.

At 35 years of age, Zabel was disappointed by the latest proposal from T-Mobile: “I think that I
deserved better.  This departure is very difficult for me.  I negotiated with Olaf Ludwig (Sports
Director of T-Mobile), but we could not come to an agreement.  I have not yet signed a
contract with my new team so I therefore cannot say who it is”, he declared.  According to the
Italian press, the German will join the Italian team Domina Vacanze, with whom he will sign a
three year contract.

Erik Zabel was very frustrated to have been left out of the Tour de France in 2005, since T-
Mobile wanted to build their team around Jan Ullrich, the only German winner of the Tour
(1997).  “I was hit where it hurt the most”, explained the sprinter, who has won a dozen stages
of the Tour de France in eleven Tours, and he was the six-time winner of the green points
jersey between 1996 and 2001.

Former world champion, winner of eight classics, including Milan-San Remo four times
(1997,1998, 2000 and 2001), winner of the world cup in 2000, he has 191 victories in his
career since 1993.  This season the German sprinter has only one victory, in the Grand Prix of
Frankfort on the 1st of May, and he was second in two stages of the Tour of Italy.  These
latest results indicate to some that his explosion of speed is not what it once was.  The last
race for Erik Zabel in the magenta colors of the T-Mobile squad will be in the World
Championship road race on September 25th in Madrid.
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