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Doping Affair- three other names cited- 09/12/05
With Lance Armstrong in 2006 ?- 09/06/05

Doping Affair- three other names cited- 09/12/05

In its edition of September 11 2005, “The Sunday Journal” revealed the names of three
other riders whose urine samples taken during the 1999 Tour de France and which were
frozen since then at the national Laboratory of Châtenay-Malabry- contained EPO.  This
concerns other samples detected in the Lance Armstrong affair.

According to the publication, the three riders implicated are: the Spaniard Manuel Beltran
(Banesto in 1999, Discovery Channel today), the Columbian José Joachim Castelblanco (ex-
Kelme, actually suspended for two years in another doping affair) and the Dane Bo
Hamburger.  These three men were controlled on July 3, 1999, at Puy-du-Fou at the same
time as Armstrong.

On that day traces of a banned substance were detected in the Hamburger sample.  But the
rider furnished a medical certificate, so he was not implicated.  As is the case for Armstrong,
no re-test is possible.  The three men are thus not under any danger of eventual
disciplinary sanctions.

With Lance Armstrong in 2006 ?- 09/06/05

In an interview with the Texas daily “The American Statesman”, Lance Armstrong confided
that he is considering a return to the Tour de France in 2006.  Bothered by accusations of
doping, the seven time winner of the Grand Boucle (The Great Loop- term used by the
French to refer to the Tour de France- ed.) envisions leaving his retirement to attempt to
find an eighth success in the Grand Boucle.

“I’m thinking about it”, declared Armstrong.  “That would be the best way to get under the
skin of the French.  I’m training again every day.”  The American also added that he would
take part in the training camp with the Discovery Channel team in December.

Armstrong retired at the end of July after having won an historic seventh victory in the Tour
de France.  But he hadn’t foreseen the storm provoked on August 23rd by l’Equipe.  The
sporting daily revealed then that the laboratory at Chatenay-Malabry detected traces of
EPO in six urine samples taken from him during his first victory in 1999.  The American, who
has never tested positive during his career, reaffirmed that he had never taken recourse to
using doping products, accusing the French, tired of his victories, of conspiring against him.

Decision in December ?

The hypothesis of his return is even more credible since Johan Bruyneel, manager of the
Discovery Channel team, did not deny it.  “A decision could come which would be
determinant”, confided the Belgian to the press Belga, “but don’t quote me as having said
that Lance has already decided to pursue his career.  That said, we speak on the phone
every day for a quarter of an hour, and 13 minutes of the conversation each time is about
cycling.  He started training every day again three weeks after the Tour de France.  He
follows the performance of the team very closely, and it’s clear he has a hunger for cycling.  
Maybe he also wants to revenge those accusations of doping that he is subjected to day
after day.  He might want to prove to everyone that he is the strongest, and it’s not because
of using some banned doping product or another.  There will always be a place for him on
the team if he decides to return, and in fact he’s still under contract until the end of 2006”.
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