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Doping- Frigo risks prison- 10/05/05
Doping- Still not believable- 10/05/05
Bettini 1st, Di Luca wins the Title- 10/02/05
Doping- Guidi exonerated- 09/30/05

Doping- Frigo risks prison- 10/05/05

The prosecutor of San Remo has asked for six months in prison and a fine of 4,000 euros
against the Italian Dario Frigo on Wednesday, in the final audience of the trial which is open
regarding doping in the Tour of Italy 2001.

The prosecutor Giovanni Maddaleni also asked for four months and 3,000 euro fines for the
riders Giuseppe Di Grande and Alberto Elli, and two months and 2,000 euro fines against
Daniele De Paoli, Giuliano De Haro Figueras, Giampaolo Mondini, Pavel Padrnos and
Stefano Zanini.

All these riders are accused of having used banned substances.  At the finish of the San
Remo stage of the Giro 2001, hundreds of agents of the anti-drug brigade of the carabiniers
(Italian police), mandated by the judge Florence Luigi Bocciolini, descended upon the hotels
of all the cycling teams in the race.

For several hours they sifted through the rooms of the riders and seized a large amount of
medicines, including many that were on banned substance lists.  The verdict is awaited on
October 27th.

Doping- Still not believable- 10/05/05

Following the revelations in the columns of “L’Equipe” regarding positive drug samples of
Lance Armstrong during the Tour de France 1999, the daily published on Wednesday an
investigation which tends to prove that the long awaited cleaning up of cycling remains an

The figures from the poll Ipsos taken in four European countries (France, Germany, Spain,
and Italy) are eloquent.  A great majority of people (79%) associate cycling with doping.  The
phenomenon is even stronger in France (97%) since the Festina affair in 1998 and the
latest revelations about Lance Armstrong.

Doping occurrences and tragedies are multiplying in every country, drug controls are
becoming more perfected, ethical charters and codes of conduct then follow, but cycling is
still stagnant in its problems and risks being excluded in the minds of fans.

France Isolated-
The worst is to notice the instances where the leadership of the sport does not stand up to
its responsibilities.  The Dutchman Hein Verbruggen, outgoing president of the ICU, is not
exempt from this reproach, and his successor, the Irishman Pat McQuaid, does not seem to
guarantee success in this regard.  The new president is certainly aware that cycling is in
danger and the magnitude of the task in front of him, but he remains very sensitive in his
judgment and stigmatizes the attitude of the French on this subject.

The poll shows an important, even capital detail: the public is not fooled.  To the contrary,
one notes that public opinion remains pragmatic regarding the values being carried by this
sport.  Specifically, there are a number of people polled who continue to think that cyclists
remain grand champions with or without doping.

Bettini 1st, Di Luca wins the Title- 10/02/05

Paolo Bettini (Quick Step) crossed the finish line alone to win the  Championship of Zurich,
one of the last events of the Pro Tour, the others being Paris-Tours (9 October) and the
Tour of Lombardy (15 October).  Starting as the favorite this Sunday, the Italian was nearly
three minutes ahead of the champion of Luxembourg, Frank Schleck (CSC) and the Italian
Lorenzo Bernucci (Fassa Bartolo).  Fourth in Switzerland, the Italian Danilo Di Luca
(Liquigas) is assured of winning the Pro Tour title.  The top Frenchman, Sylvain Chavanel
(Cofidis), took twelfth place.

The cream of the crop on Sunday, Bettini took his first classic in two years, his second
victory in Zurich after that of 2001, by outdistancing his fellow escapees with 36 kilometers to
the finish to arrive at there alone.  Big loser at the World Championships in Madrid a week
earlier, when he found himself forsaken by the Italian team, the Tuscan finally found once
again the road to success after having been Olympic champion in Athens and having won
the last three events of the World Cup.

A Victory in Two Stages
The incessant rain and the cold (48 degrees F) made a difficult course almost impossible,
and the greater part of the peleton finally abandoned.  To take the win, Bettini had two
strategies.  First of all his team put three riders (Moreni, Sinkewitz, Verbrugghe), in an
escape of eleven riders which left the main field with 110 kilometers to the finish.

When the group of favorites, driven by the teammates of the Italian Damiano Cunego, came
back to less than a minute behind, Bettini then took off with his Lieutenant, the Italian Luca
Paolini with 45 kilometers to the end.  With five riders at the head of the race out of thirteen,
the Quick Step team had matters in hand.  At the start of the last lap, the peleton was one
minute behind.  Bettini then held all the cards in his hand.

Doping- Guidi exonerated- 09/30/05

Fabrizio Guidi, who tested positive for EPO last August during the third stage of the Tour of
Germany, was cleared by a negative test on a second sample tested on September 21.  The
suspension given the Italian rider by his team, Phonak, has been lifted as a consequence.
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