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Doping- Heras close to the abyss- 11/08/05
Track Cycling World Cup- The Russians win the title- 11/07/05
Tour of Italy- Start in Belgium in 2006- 11/6/05
Cyclo-Cross Europe Champ. -Marianne Vos wins- 11/06/05
Track Cycling World Cup- Neuville on the podium- 11/04/05

Doping- Heras close to the abyss- 11/08/05

Roberto Heras is in the middle of the controversy.  Liberty has decided to suspend the
Spanish rider “in a preliminary manner” for a positive drug control test during the 20th
stage of the Vuelta (Tour of Spain).  Heras will be suspended for two years if the second
sample turns up positive on November 21, and that would effectively end his career.  At
that point he would be stripped of his title as winner of the Vuelta, and the victory would be
offered to the Russian Denis Menchov.  His status as the only four-time winner of the Tour
of Spain would no longer exist.

“Roberto Heras has been suspended from the team by Active Bay, the company
responsible for the management of the professional team, on October 27, the day that the
team received at its offices an official notice from the ICU (International Cycling Union)
which stated that the rider was controlled positive for EPO during the 20th stage (an
individual time trial between Guadaajara and Alcala de Henares) in the last Vuelta”
indicated the communication from Liberty.

Included in this affair is the fact that the Tour of Spain, which made Roberto Heras its main
attraction, loses more credibility with the growing disaffection between the stars of the
sport and the public, which is attested to by the poor television audiences for the  Vuelta.  

The 60th edition of the Tour of Spain was won last September 18 by Roberto Heras, 31
years of age, who had already won the event in 2000, 2003, and 2004.  The Spaniard was
the first to win four Vueltas, also equaling the record of the Swiss Tony Rominger for the
number of consecutive victories (1992, 1993, 1994).  During the 20th and next to last
stage on September 17th, Heras, who is normally not very comfortable with individual time
trials, was beaten by only 577 thousandths of a second by the winner, his compatriot
Ruben Plaza.

“Respecting the presumption of innocence while waiting for the second sample results,
(the company) decided to not go public with the facts until they were confirmed”, added the
communication from Liberty.  “However, because of journalistic leaks in these last hours of
today (Monday), it was decided to release this communication” continued Liberty.  “The
company (Active Bay) reiterates its strong stand of continuing to fight for a clean sport and
will continue to follow this course of action in all cases, all the while leaving open the
possibility for Roberto Heras, as he has stated, the possibility of proving his innocence, in
which we are confident”, concluded the communication.  “I am convinced it will prove to be
an error because I never took anything”, affirmed Roberto Heras, quoted in the Spanish
press on Tuesday.

After his compatriot Aitor Gonzalez, winner in 2003, Roberto Heras is the second rider in
the Vuelta 2005 to be tested positive.  In 1982, another doping incident prevented the
Spaniard Angel Arroyo from taking the final victory.  Heras is also the third rider on the
team of Manolo Saiz to be on center stage in a doping affair.  Nuno Ribeiro from Portugal
was banned from the Tour of Italy, and the Spaniard Isidro Nazal from the Dauphine
Libere, for having elevated red blood counts.

Track Racing World Cup- The Russians win the title- 11/07/05

The results of the 3rd and last day of the 1st stage of the World Cup, held on Sunday at
the Olympic velodrome in Moscow.


1. Mikhail Ignatiev/Nikolai Trusov (RUS) 7 pts
2. Guido Fulst/Leif Lampater (GER) 7
3. Kenny De Ketele/Steve Schets (BEL) 5

Team Sprint:
1. Germany 59"240
2. Grande Bretagne 59"746
3. Spain 1'00"830


1. Youanka Gonzalez (CUB)
2. Lyudmila Vypyrailo (UKR)
3. Belinda Goss (AUS)

1. Tamila Abassova (RUS)
2. Christin Muche (GER)
3. Mu De (CHN)

Results by Country:
1. Russia 72 pts
2. Germany 61
3. Great Britian 51

Tour of Italy- Start in Belgium in 2006- 11/6/05

The 89th edition of the Tour of Italy will start on May 6, 2006 in the town of Seraing, in
Belgium, and will end on May 28 at Corso Venezia, the large avenue in the center of
Milan.  This edition, which will also celebrate the 110th anniversary of the creation of the
daily Gazzetta dello sport, will remain in Wallone (Belgium) for the first 4 days.  After the
prologue in Seraing, the first three stages will see the peleton pass through
Charleoi/Marcinelle, Namur and Hotton.

Cyclo-Cross Europe Champ. -Marianne Vos wins- 11/06/05

The Dutch woman Marianne Vos won the championship of Europe of cycle-cross on
Sunday over the circuit of Coët-Roz, en Loire-At antique (France).  The top French
woman, Maryline Salvetat, finished fourth.  It should be noted that the European
championships did not include men this year.

The final standings of the event :
1. Marianne Vos (HOL), the 16,250 km in 37'48" (25,794 km/h)
2. Daphny Van Den Brand (HOL) s.t.
3. Hanka Kupfernagel (GER) at 1"
4. Maryline Salvetat (FRA) s.t.
5. Nadia Claude Triquet (FRA) s.t.
6. Laurence Leboucher (FRA) s.t.
7. Birgit Hollmann (Ger) s.t.
8. Helen Wyman (GB) at 4"
9. Séverine Hansen (FRA) at 57"
10. Reza Hormes-Ravenstijn (HOL) 1'21"

The standings of the development squad category :
1. Niels Albert (BEL), the 24,2 km in 49"00 (29,633 km/h)
2. Jan Soetens (BEL) at 08"
3. Zdenek Stybar (CHE) at 09"
10. Clément Lhotellerie (FRA) s.t.

The standings of the juniors classification :
1. Robert Gavenda (SLO), the 18,9 km in 40'02" (28,326 km/h)
2. Yannick Martinez (FRA) at 05"
3. Dries Govaerts (BEL) at 08"
4. Aurélien Duval (FRA) at 12"

Track Cycling World Cup- Neuville on the podium- 11/04/05

Results of the first day of the track cycling World Cup, on Friday, at the Olympic velodrome
of Moscow.


Scratch :
1. Ivan Kovalev (RUS)
2. Andreas Muller (GER)
3. Jérôme Neuville (FRA)

Individual Pursuit :
1. Jens Mouris (HOL) 4'28"290
2. Mark Jamieson (AUS) rejoint
3. Alexander Serov (RUS) 4'32"270

Kilometer :
1. Jason Queally (GBR) 1'02"664
2. Carsten Bermann (GER) 1'03"107
3. Alois Kankovsky (CHE) 1'04"046
5. Sébastien Henriette (FRA) 1'05"553

Keirin :
1. Andrei Vinokurov (UKR)
2. Lukasz Kwiatkowski (POL)
3. Adam Ptacnik (CHE)


Speed :
1. Natalia Tsylinskaya (BLR)
2. Victoria Pendelton (GBR)
3. Christin Muche (GER)
10. Céline Nivert (FRA)

Points Race :
1. Olga Slyusareva (RUS) 20 pts
2. Youanka Gonzalez (CUB) 16
3. Lada Kozlikova (CHE) 10
20. Florence Girardet (FRA) 0
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